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Dhaka (20)

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and the biggest city as well. It’s the center of all cultural, economical and political activities of the country.  It has a rich history starting from the Buddhist kingdom of Kamarupa and the Pala Empire till the end of British Colonial Empire. There are many heritage sites in and around Dhaka. If you want a taste of ancient Dhaka you will have to go to Old Dhaka. There you will get the tastiest Mughol Food and do the cheapest shopping.  Dhaka is one of the best places in the world for shopping. Here you can buy quality products in a very cheaper price. You can see too many festivals throughout the year. Among them Two Eids, Durga Puja and Pohela Boishakh are the biggest. Dhaka is called the city of Mosques. There are many places to see in Dhaka like The National Museum, National Zoo, Lalbagh Fort, The Liberation War Museum, Ahsan Manzil etc. Rickshaw is most popular vehicle and about 400,00 cycle Rickshaw running on its streets every day, the city is also described as the Rickshaw Capital of the World. Dhaka district has an area of 1463.60 square kilometres (565 sq mi) bounded with Gazipur, Tangail, Munshiganj, Rajbari, Narayanganj, Manikganj.Dhaka is the most populated city in Bangladesh. The population of Dhaka on November 6th 2012 is approximately 6,600,470.


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Chittagong (15)

Chittagong division can be called the division of tourism and also the hub of Commerce and Industry. It is the commercial capital of Bangladesh and the second biggest city of the country. Most tourist places of the country such as the Longest Sea beach and the only Coral Island is in Chittagong division. The main city has a beach as well name Patenga. The biggest sea port of the country is in Chittagong. You can see a vast mix-up of local and tribal people here and they have very good harmony between them. This division contains basic two types of natural beauties, like the Hill tracks and the Sea beaches. Also covers lots of Heritage sites. Hilly sites cover with Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachari districts. On the other hand Cox’s bazar and the Saint Martin are the beach sites in this division. The transport facility from any destinations via Dhaka or Sylhet division is excellent. Tourists can also reach there from outside the country by air. It has the “Shah Amanat International Airport“.

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Cox's Bazar

Cox's Bazar (9)

Cox’s Bazar, the world’s longest natural sandy sea beach with its incredible 120 km length.It is the  most visited tourist destinations in Bangladesh.It is the tourist capital of Bangladesh.Miles of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, delightful seafood make this place one of the most attractive place in the world.Near the Cox’s Bazar city there are several places to visit which places are really attractive for the tourists. Himchari,Inani beach,Laboni point Beach, Sonadia Island, Maheshkhali, Teknaf, ST Martin Island etc places are really exciting and enjoyable spot for the viewers.

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Sylhet (6)

Sylhet is the smallest division of Bangladesh suited at north-east side.It is mostly remarkable for the Grave of Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) and Shah Paran (R).Sylhet is very popular with tourists because of its several attractive places.It is located on the bank of the Surma river and surrounded by forest,abundant wildlife, fragrant fruit tree grovees and endless tea plantation.

Here you can see the following places.

Madhabkunda waterfall

Madhabkunda waterfall is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Sylhet division. It is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. Big bolder of stones and the black stones with green leafy trees are making this waterfall so charming and eye catching.

Madhabpur Lake

The water of the lake is so clean and clear that you cannot stop yourself from jumping inside the lake. This lake is between the small hills, and most of the hills are planted with tea trees.

Lawacherra Rain Forest

Rain Forest of Lawacherra is one of the well-observed and significant forestry in Bangladesh.

Hummum Falls

This mystical waterfall lies deep into the Rajkandi Reserve Forest. The water way (jhiri poth) of Hummum Falls is fascinating.



Its spontaneous flow of crystal clear water through the valley of hills & business of the stone collectors’ diving.

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Khulna (5)

The Khulna division which is adorned with greens.Third largest division in Bangladesh. It covers  south-western part of Bangladesh. Seaport at “Mongla” which is the commerce place of Bangladesh. The khulna city is the headquarter of this division which is at the bank of “Rupsha river”.  
The main tourist attraction of this division is the world’s largest mangrove forest “Sundarbans”. Sundarbans covers most of the Khulna division. On the other hand there are some other heritage sites like “Shaṭ Gombuj Masjid”, “Shrine of Khan Jahan Ali” etc. At the khulna city, “Rupsha Bridge” is a nice frequent visiting place for people.
Tourists can make different kinds of tour packages like Forest tours, Boating tour, Photography tours, Heritage tours, Archaeological tours and River tours. Opportunities to meet the life of a fishermen, honey-collectors etc.
Communication between khulna to other districts are fantastics. Tourist may reach at Khulna by roads, by rails, by air or by water.

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North Bengal

North Bengal (9)

Bangladesh has reason to be proud of its rich ancient heritage. At once this was a rich and developed region.

Rajshahi is the famous City of Silk and sweetmeats offer to expedition historical palaces, Mosques Temples and Stupa.The excavated findings have been preserved at the Varendra Research Museum at Rajshahi.

Paharpur ( Stupas)-where the remains of the most important and the largest known monastery, south of the Himalayas has been excavated.

Natore rajbari is countries finest palace with high walls boundary.

Mahasthangarh is the oldest archaeological site and earliest City of Bangladesh during 3rd century B. C.

Temples City-- Puthia has old Hindu structures in Bangladesh among them- Shiva temple and Govinda temple is famous.There are many ancient Mosques. Most of them were built during the rule of the Muslim Sultanate of the Ilyas Shahi period. Many of those Mosques bear rich example of Architecture.

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Sundarban (8)

The world’s largest continuous mangrove forest, Sundarbans. The forest covers 10,000 sq km shared by Bangladesh and India. About 6017 sq km forest in Bangladesh.It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since 1997 the it have been a wildlife sanctuary, and it is estimated that there are now 400 Royal Bengal tigers and about 30,000 spotted deer in the area. The main attraction of Sundarbans are wildlife photography including photography of the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, wildlife viewing, nature study, meeting fishermen, wood-cutters and honey-collectors, peace and tranquility in the wilderness, seeing the world's largest mangrove forest and the dazzling beauty. Karamjal is the starting point of Sundarbans.The main place of Sundarbans is Harbaria, Katka, Kachikhali, Hiron point. Hiron Point (Nilkamal) for tiger, deer, monkey, crocodiles, birds and natural beauty. Katka for deer, tiger, crocodiles, varieties of birds and monkey, morning and evening symphony of wild fowls. Vast expanse of grassy meadows running from Katka to Kachikhali (Tiger Point) provides opportunities for wild tracking. Tin Kona Island for tiger and deer.

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Saint Martin

Saint Martin (2)

Saint Martin is very beautiful coral island of Bangladesh.The island is a very quiet, neat and clean place. Every corners of this island has different look and are very attractive.Here you will find live and dead coral,lots of coconut trees thats why its local name is Narikel Jinjira.Overnight staying in St. Martins Island is really an exotic feeling where you will feel and listen the sound of Sea. If you are lucky then you can spend the exotic moonlit night at St. Martins Island. The beauty of Full moon in St. Martins Island cannot be expressed, if you are not there at that time.Cheera-dwip is a beautiful part of this island you can go there by walk.You can walk around the island in a day.You can enjoy  BBQ dinner with fresh marine fish or lobsters here.

Main attraction of this Island:

Cheera Dwip

This is a beautiful part of Saint Martin island.In that Island you will find the Corals - living and dead all over the Island. A small bush is there which in the only green part of Cheera-dwip, enhancing the beauty of this island.

 Oceanic Scuba Dive

This is the only sea dive operation in Bangladesh. To experience the beauty underwater scuba diving is best way but the cost is little-bit high though negotiable.

Walk the beach(Saint Martin's Island)

Embrace Moonlight make a tour in St Martins by yourself in the moonlight. The astonishing beauty of full-moon in St. Martin’s Island never be expressed; you can only feel it. Over the night feel and listen the sound of the Bay of Bengal.


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Rangamati (2)

Rangamati, often called The Lake District, is the largest district of Bangladesh. Its located in the Chittagong Division and bordered by the Tripura state of India to the north, Bandarban District to the south, Mizoram State of India and Chin State of Myanmar to the east and Khagrachari and Chittagong Districts to the west. Its just 77km from ChittagongBeside the bengali people there are also eleven tribes like Chakma, Marma, Tanchangya, Tripura, Pankua, Lushai, Khiang, Murang, Rakhain, Chak, Bowm, Khumi lives in this district. Each group of tribe has its own language, rich tradition and attractive customs, these peace loving, friendly and extremely hospitable people will welcome you with a warm heart. Foreigners are required to register before going to Rangamati.

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Kuakata (3)

Kuakata, a beautiful sea beach on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. It’s the only place in the country from where you can see the full view of Sunrise and Sunset. It’s a 30 kilometer long beach with quiet and peaceful environment around. If you want to go to a less crowed and peaceful green place, Kuakata is the most ideal. Here the Native Rakhines and the local people live very peacefully. So if you are interested about Aboriginal Lifestyle you can get it here as well.

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Bandarban (3)

Bandarban, the Roof of Bangladesh. The most remote and least populated beautiful hilly part of the country. Its a hidden paradise far away from the busy, crowded and polluted cities. The three highest peak of Bangladesh - Tahjindong (1280 meters, also known as bijoy), Mowdok Mual (1052 meters), and Keokradong (883 metres) - are in Bandarban. Beside that Raikhiang Lake (the highest lake in Bangladesh), Chimbuk peak and Boga Lake are also some highly noted tourist attractions of the district. More than fifteen aboriginal groups living in the district besides the Bengalis, some of them are the Bomong, Marma, Mru, Tanchangya,Khyang, Tripura, Lushei, Khumi, Chak, Kuki, Chakma, Rakhine or Arakanese, Riyang, Usui and Pankho. So if you are interested about tribal life you will get the variety. Different tribe has different type of lifestyle. The only river born inside Bangladesh territory is The River Sangu which runs through Bandarban. The other rivers in the district are Matamuhuri and Bakkhali.

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