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Jadipai Waterfall

Jadipai waterfall is located at deep inside the hilly area of Bandarban. It is the most charming waterfall of Bangladesh. If you want to see the natural beauty of Bangladesh then must visit Jadipai. This waterfall is the Goddess of all waterfall in Bangladesh. It is one of the most widest waterfall of Bangladesh. During the rainy season the flow of Jadipai fall becomes robust. The water of this fall is so cool and transparent. Though the path of this area is not smooth but when you will reach there you will feel the full tranquility.

    • Location Ruma, Bandarban,Chittagong
    • Climate The temperature is equable and moderate.
    • How to get there

      Start journey from Dhaka.Dhaka to Bandarban you can travel by Bus,it can be around 7-8 hours journey.
      From Bandarban you have to hire a Chander Gari (Jeep) to reach Ruma.
      From Ruma bazar you have to hire a Chander Gari ( Jeep) to reach Boga Lake.
      At Boga lake you have to stay a night because it will be evening when you will reach there.There are many Tribal villages in the area of Boga lake. You can stay the night and take dinner from here and guide will help you to find a good place.
      At morning you have to start journey to Keokradong as soon as possible.
      After reaching Keokradong you have a long way to go Jadipai.It will take 2.5 hours to reach Jadipai by feet.

    • Where to stay

      Some guest houses are available in Ruma bazar. But You have to stay night at Boga lake. So you have to arrange your accommodation in a cottage in Boga lake or tell your guide to manage  accommodation in tribal village.

      Local restaurants are available in Ruma bazar. After Ruma bazar shop is may not available so you have to buy some dry food from Ruma bazar.

      At Boga lake you have to arrange local foods from tribal village. In the way of Keokradong you can manage foods from Darjeeling para.

    • Accessories needs to have Make sure you have good physical fitness. Must take dry foods. Drinking water and camera. Must take extra socks. Take at least two sets of clothes and torchlight with extra battery. Take plastic bags for your electronic devices. Always keep bandaid and odomos(mosquito repellent cream) with yourself. Take 4ft long bamboo stick and good trekking boot which can grip maximum.

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