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Toiduchara Waterfall

Toiduchara is the most beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh located at Dighinala in Khagrachari. It is also known as Shibchari Jharna. It is the largest waterfall of Khagrachari. It is surrounded by green hills. You can enjoy natural beauty of this waterfall and it is an ideal place for photography and trekking. Actually there are two Waterfall you can see here. It  will take 30 minutes of walking distance from this waterfall to reach 2nd one. It has been discovered few year ago.

    • Location Dighinala, Khagrachari,Chittagong
    • Climate There are mainly three seasons are noticed at Khagrachari. The dry season (November to March) is cool, sunny and dry. The pre-monsoon season (April and May) is very hot and sunny with occasional shower. And another is the rainy season (June to October) is warm, cloudy and wet.
    • How to get there

      You can go directly to Khagrachari by bus from Dhaka.

      Then you can hire a Chander gari from Khagrachari bus stand for whole day to reach Dighinala . It will take BDT 1800-2500 for reservation or can go by bus.

      After get to Dighinala go straight to TNO’s office. He will help you to find a guide. Without guide it is not possible to go there if you are for the first time.

      It has been discovered few year ago so there is no traditional way to go there. You may have to create your own path to go there. All the way it is too dangerous and slippery (for rainy season). You have to climb two hills as well as have to cross a tribal village and jhiri path. You have to walk about 20 km for day long.

    • Where to stay

      If you able to come back within 6 PM to Dighinala bus stand you can catch the last bus (6.30PM) then you can stay in Khagrachari but if can’t then there is some hotels in Dighinala with low facilities where you can pass the night. If your guide is well known to that place he can manage to get a place in tribal village.

      Take dry foods and water. On the way you will be able to find small waterfalls which water is pure and fresh. You can also eat at tribal village but for that ask your guide to manage. If you stay in Khagrachari then go to System Restaurant. It is the best restaurant in Khagrachari with lowest price. Don’t forget to eat bamboo fry there.

    • Accessories needs to have Make sure you have good physical fitness. Take 4ft long bamboo stick and good trekking boot which can grip maximum. You have to cross at least 8 km of waterways so keep that on your mind also. Take plastic bags for your electronic devices. Always keep bandaid and odomos(mosquito repellent cream) with yourself. Take at least two sets of clothes and torchlight. Take extra socks. Take drinking water and water purifier.

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