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Chittagong War Cemetery

Chittagong war Cemetery is a memorable burial place for members of the armed forces who died during 2nd world war. It was created by the army, and there are about 755 burials. Most of the soldiers buried there were from United Kingdom-378, Canada-25, Australia-09, New Zealand-02, Undivided India-214, East Africa-11, West Africa-90, Burma(Now Myanmar)-02,  Netherlands-01, Japan-19 and Non-soldiers-04. They are sleeping here in this green field forever and respected by all in the all times. Though It is a burial place now it has became a tourist spot. Everyday many foreigners and local people come here. It is maintained by Commonwealth Grave Commission.

    • Location Dampara,No 19 Badsha Mia Chowdhury Road,Chittagong
    • How to get there

      First you have to come in Chittagong by Bus or Train.
      Chittagong War Cemetery is in Dampara locality, No 19 Badsha Mia Chowdhury Road, It is about 22 kilometres north of the airport and 8 kilometres from the port, a well known road leading to the Hindu Kali Bari Temple.Its a bit hard to find the place.You have to hire an Auto Rickshaw to reach there and most of the driver does not know this place as Cemetery. You have to tell them you wanna go to the graveyard of Christian People.

      Contact: 01628 507200.    

    • Where to stay

      There are many hotels in Chittagong city some of them are the best hotels of the country.You will also find some reasonable hotels to stay and have food.

    • Entry Permits/Fees


    • Opening time

      Open from 7.00 AM to 12.00 PM & 2.00 PM to 5 PM.

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