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Tribal Life

The inhabitants of the Hill Tracts are mostly tribal. Life of the tribal people is very simple and extremely attractive. Majority of them are Buddhists and the rest are Hindus, Christians and Animists. The tribal families are matriarchal. The women are more hardworking than the males and they are the main productive force.

Bangladesh's tribal population consists of about 1 million people, just fewer than 1 percent of the total population. They live primarily in the Chittagong Hills and in the regions of Mymensingh, Sylhet, and Rajshahi.Some of the tribe group are Manipuri, Tripura, Khasia, Garo, Marma, Tripuri, Mru, Murong, Bedey, Bawm, Magh, Hajong, Tanchangya, Rakhain, Santals, Chakma.

The tribal people are self-reliant, they grow their own food, their girls weave their own clothes. Each tribe has its own dialect, distinctive dress and rites and rituals. Tribal women are very skilful in making beautiful handicrafts. They are generally peace loving, honest and hospitable. They usually greet a tourist with a smile.

    • Location Chittagong,Mymensingh,Sylhet,Rajshahi
    • How to get there

      You can go to Chittagong by bus or train service from Dhaka city.

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