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Dulahazra Safari Park

Dulahazra Safari Park is  the first safari park in Bangladesh. Dulahazra Park is home to at least 4,000 animals of 165 species. There are several attractions inside the park. After entering the park, you'll find the orchid collections at right, and a museum at the left side, both are equally attractive. In the park there are domesticated elephants which are available for a ride. You can travel inside the park by transport system of the park or by feet. Attractive animals include Lions, Bengal Tigers, Crocodiles, Bears, Chitals and lots of different types of birds and monkeys. There has a watch tower from top of which you’ll enjoy the vast ocean of green plants.

    • Location Chakaria,Dulahazra Union,Cox’s Bazar
    • Climate The climate is subtropical in nature. The average annual rainfall is 3599 mm, hottest month is October, coldest month is January, driest month is December, wettest month is July, average maximum temperature is 34.20C and average minimum temperature is 15.60C .
    • How to get there

      From Cox’s Bazar you can reach Chakaria by Bus/ Microbus or Chander Gari ( One kind of Jeep).

    • Where to stay

      After visiting this park you have to come back to Cox’s Bazar.There are many hotels and restaurant you can find in Cox’s Bazar to stay and fooding.

    • Entry Permits/Fees

      Adults:                                                                   BDT 20
      Students(Below 15 years):                               BDT 10
      Student group( 30 to 100 persons):               BDT 200
      Student group( More than 100 persons):      BDT 400
      Foreigner :                                                           BDT 350/ USD 5   
      Visit by safari bus :                                             BDT 20
      Parking fee:
      Bus:                                                                      BDT 100
      Car/Microbus:                                                     BDT 50

    • Opening time

      9.00 AM

    • Closing time

      5.00 PM

Condition apply *

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