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Snake Charmer

Bangladesh has an estimated 5,00,000 snake charmers, who rove all over  the country and live in riverboats. Locally they are called Bede.There are three types of sub-professions within the Bedes. The groups are ‘Shapure’, ‘Sowdagar’ and ‘Misisganni’. The group that is most heard is the Shapure. Some of these Shapures make their living by catching and selling snakes. Other Shapure train their snakes some tricks so that they can become entertainers. The Shapures put these trained snakes into little baskets, hoist the baskets on top of their heads, and travel from place to place looking for people interested in their show. When a Shapure find a crowd place he opens up his basket and starts performing. Besides making the snake perform, sometimes they will sell medicinal herbs.


Shapures normally performs for poor people who are the ideal audience for snake charmers. There are different instruments that Shapure’s use in their performances, such as sticks, beenas or flutes and various plants and trees. Only snakes such as the cobra, which can open up their hoods are the stars of the show.


If someone looking for a day trip out of Dhaka with a difference, Ghoradia is the place to go.  It’s only a few kilometres from Savar,here you will get the chance to watch show of  a snake charmer with deadly cobra or python.

    • Location Ghuradia,Savar
    • How to get there

      Anyone can go to Savar by bus or private vehicle from Dhaka city. Then you can hire a auto-rickshaw or rickshaw to reach Ghoradia village.

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