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Gangamati Reserved Forest

Gangamati Reserved Forest is located on the eastern end of the beach of Kuakata. It’s an evergreen mangrove forest. Gongamotir Lake is the most attractive place in Gangamati Reserved Forest. It’s an additional part of Sundarbans with different kinds of trees and wild life.

    • Location Kuakata, Patuakhali
    • Climate Weather condition is very favourable in Patuakhali. Summer heat can not pour its full flair here since monsoon clouds ply gently all over the summer season.
    • How to get there

      Direct bus service from Dhaka to Kuakata is available that leaves from Sayedabad bus station at night.

      The Distance from Gangamati Reserved Forest to Sundarban is just an hour by speedboat

      From Patuakhali you can reach Kuakata by bus or you can hire a motor cycle.

      You have to cross three ferry to reach the spot. Then you can hire a boat costing BDT 1000 to 1200 to visit all the sites of Kuakata.

    • Where to stay

      Parjatan Holiday Homes at Kuakata is an ideal tourist resort having a number of facilities for the tourists. A pond of crystal clean sweet water beside the motel attracts the tourists. There are also lots of hotels and motels available beside the beach. you can stay there within BDT 150- 2000 per night.

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