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The Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogra was established on 19 June, 1974 as a specialized Rural Development Institution for training, research and action research. It is located at 16 kilometer away from Bogra town by the highway towards Dhaka. The Academy campus covers an area of 48.50 hectares of which 19.00 hectares has been apportioned for office, residence, school & college, play ground, children’s park and other establishments. The remaining 29.50 hectares has been earmarked for demonstration farm for undertaking research in farming, horticulture, floriculture, tissue culture, pisciculture, livestock, Poultry etc. The campus has almost all the modern amenities of urban life.

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Arunima Resort Golf Club, the only Eco, Agro, River and Sports Based tourism resort of Bangladesh. Arunima has been ranked 1st as the Nature Based Resort of Bangladesh. Catching fishes not only with rods, polo, Koch or nets but also directly by hand. Play golf, water based entertainments, relax and enjoy drinks in its Tipsy Bar, have mouth watering dishes in its dining hall built within a manmade island. River Cruise service along with different river bank sightseeing facilities at Modhumoti river, BBQ of fresh fishes that you, yourself pick up from pond; Lawn Tennis in the countries only grassed court, bird watching and many more. All available while you reside in an abode in a premises secured by armed guards and close circuit camera. A unique place for conference and to experience the gram bangle lost heritages. They have amusement rides available at Binodon Parjatan, which is within a walking distance from the Arunima Resort Golf Club. Arunima Resort Golf Club also arranges helicopter service for its guests.

Arunima Resort Golf Club also operates different day tour programs in several historical and world heritage places.  They do not guarantee you international services but our guarantee is to provide hospitality services of Bangladeshi Traditional manner that will tempt you to return again at Arunima, where you do not live closer to nature but LIVE IN NATURE.

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At Mawa Resort, you’ll find excellent entertainment and a wide range of high quality accommodation – all realistically priced to suit all pockets. They also have their own games pitch, football fans can make a wonderful day out here for themselves, if cricket is what excites you, then we will measure the longest six you are going to hit.

The resort is an ideal base to explore the local area, go on river cruises enjoying sunsets on the river with your loved ones. If you are an early riser, the famous Padma fish market will surely be your cup of tea. You can even go on a lovely walk across the village and enjoy a truly unique experience of the lovely outdoors.

The resort has a pond at its heart and fish lovers can benefit from an awe inspiring fishing experience on dedicated fishing docks. You can even enjoy boat rides on the pond at your convenience all through the day.

Of course all these activities will require you to burn a lot of energy and then you can recharge yourself at the waterside restaurant where dedicated chefs will prepare one of the best meals you have ever had, on order. The restaurant offers all sorts of Bangladeshi delicacies and not to mention fresh fishes from the river along with various types of chutneys (bhorta) both traditional and local.

The Resort is very convenient to get to from the capital, Dhaka, located right at the end of the highway N8 (Dhaka-Mawa Highway) only 38km from the heart of Dhaka taking no more than an hour to get here. We’re so easy to get to, if your friends or family wish to join you on your holiday experience, they are only a phone call away.

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Padma resort is designed for people who are in desperate need for relaxation and spending some time away from the daily drudgery .The specialty for our resort is it’s location just a 100 minutes drive from Dhaka and you will find yourself in front of the mighty padma river. Then what, just a 5 minutes boat drive and you and your relaxation will be bonded together.

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Rangamati is ready to welcome your arrival. You have the cottage to Relax, Swimming Pool to languish in the cool water and fountain to sooth you with music and splash of water. Walking through the shades around the lakes and the ponds does not exhaust you because you would be breathing clean and cool oxygen. When exhausted, one can relax in the coupe built inside the lake. Boating in the lake would allow you to arouse your appetite. Picnic with lot of shades around will make you day an eventful One. There is no dearth of toilets both for the ladies and gents. There is no end of Developments. They are continuing in the haunt for bringing more items in the list for your leisure and recreation. To kill your boredom is their aim. Please put your kind footsteps on the green turf of RANGAMATI and enjoy.

Rangamati Water Front is just 40 km North of Gulshan the diplomatic zone and elite residential area of Dhaka city. Exact location is 5 km off from "Joydevpur-Chandra"high way from the "shafipur bazaar" point location beside "Sinabo bazaar". The name of the area itself is Rangamati.

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Chuti Resort is located at Sukundi Village in the Eastern side of Gazipur Sadar, just 3 km away from the world famous Gazipur Rajbari. The resort is easy accessible by road which will take more or less 1 hr to get from Dhaka to the main spot.

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Nokkhottrobari is an introvert concept created by Taukir Ahmed (Architect, Filmmaker and a renowned actor) and his wife Bipasha Hayat (actress, playwright and painter). They are the Managing Director and Director of Nokkhottrobari Resort and Conference Center. This project is their vision to serve the people with a place of relaxation and a fun place for all the members of the family. This is their dream project.

Nokkhottrobari is your escape to a completely different world, a world hidden in the lush green village of chinashukhania, far away from the noise and troubles of the gray and lifeless city limits but not too far away; just within the reach and easily accessible. It's your chance to be one with nature and it provides you with relaxation and leisure, while providing fun and activities for all members of the family!

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From Gazipur Chourasta, drive straight to Mymensingh Road and take a right turn towards Kapasia through Rajendrapur Cantonment. From there, drive 5km towards Rajabari Bazaar and there, take a right turn from Agrani Bank and drive 1.5km to Nokkhottrobari Resort and Conference Center.

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Nazimgarh is everything a resort should be. Set on six acres of landscaped hillside, it is a self contained island of tranquillity amidst lush green foliage. It consists of the Terrace, the Villa and the Bungalow with fifty luxurious world class double rooms and suites. Nazimgarh 'Nature Park' is located at the banks of the Sharee River at Lalakhal and at the base of the Jaintia Hills bordering the Indian State of Meghalaya. There, the river is known as Myntdu or "Ka Tawiarka Takam" in the local Pnar (Khasi) dialect. Nazimgarh's sister resort 'Wilderness' is not vary far from it which is located at the hillside. The 'River Queen' restaurant is the focal point with its panoramic view following the bend in the river. There is a 'Adventure Camp' tent site nearby, under the shade of the surrounding trees. These comfortable tents give guests a sense of nature and adventure rarely available in other places. The clear night sky allows one to see stars very clearly that you will feel close to them.

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