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Harbaria, house of Tiger most attractive and dangerous place of Sundarban. It is located beside the river Poshur. Here you can see the famous royel bengal tiger as well as many other wild animals and birds. Spotted deer is the main attraction of this place. You can see Sundari tree all over this place. There is a Watch tower from top of which you can see all over the forest.

    • Location Chadpai range,Sundarban
    • Climate Full monsoon is from June to September. The annual rainfall average between 65" and 70". During ebb tide the forest becomes bare by 6-7 feet and at high tide (30 miles and hour) the entire territory of the forest floats on water.
    • How to get there

      Direct bus service is available between Dhaka and Khulna. It may takes 7-8 hours to reach Khulna. After get reach at Khulna you have to go Mongla, You can get to Mongla by bus within 3 hours. From Mongla you have to hire a small engine boat or launches to reach Harbaria. It take 2-3 hours to get “Harbaria Ecotourism Center”.

    • Where to stay

      A three storey Rest House of Mongla Port Authority is available, where tourists can plan their stay, however prior booking is required. But it is also possible to stay in launch at night.

      There are also several private hotels and restaurants in Mongla town to stay and have food.

    • Entry Permits/Fees

      Must get permission from Herbaria Forest Office for 1 day tour. If you go for 2 days or more then get permission from the Divisional Forest Office, Circuit House Road, Khulna. Required entrance fees for visitors, vessel or boat payable at the relevant forest station/range office. For Bangladeshi people have to pay 50 BDT and Foreign tourist have to pay 700 BDT. Additional 100 taka will have to pay if you carry camera.

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