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Peda Ting Ting

Peda Ting Ting is an very small beautiful island in Kaptai lake. It is an attractive tourist place buillt for tourist to eat in surrounding of natural beauty. You can enjoy relaxation with music and novel in this friendly and calming island. There are few cottage facilities here to stay overnight and enjoy moonlit evenings. An moonlit evening at this Island would be memorable in your life. Peda Ting Ting Island’s restaurant is known for its quality dishes and extremely tasty food.Bamboo Chicken is one of their special items, which is served inside bamboo. They cook fish in bamboo too. The best part of all is that the cooked food will be served on the cooked bamboo itself. If you want to taste the fishes of the Rangamati Lake try to make your trip in the rainy season.

    • Location Balukhali union, rangamati shuvolong channel, Rangamati.
    • Famous for “Bamboo Chicken”, which is served inside bamboo.
    • Climate During October to February as the temperature remains cool and usually there is no rainfall, however, the beauty of Rangamati unleashes during the monsoon as the forest becomes greener, bursts with life and the rivers and waterfalls becomes replenished.
    • How to get there

      To reach Peda ting ting at first you have to go Rangamati.There are several bus service available from Dhaka or Chittagong to Rangamati.There is one direct bus Paharika starts from Chittagong at 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and from Rangamati at 8:00 AM to 8:50 PM in every one hour interval and takes around 3 hours.You can get the tickets from Muradpur, Oxygen Mor.
      There are lots of Local Bus towards Rangamati from the same Oxygen mor and takes 4~5 hours to reach.
      After reaching Rangamati you can hire a CNG to reach Kaptai lake.You should hire a boat to reach Peda ting ting Island.

    • Where to stay

      You can stay in the cottages of this Island but you have to reserve it in advance.Otherwise you can stay at Rangamati, you can find many hotels,motels to stay at night.

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