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Himchori waterfall is one of the most attractive place for visitors. It is so nice and beautiful. It is such a beautiful place where you can enjoy combination of the Sea and the Waterfall. From top of the waterfall you can see the vast sea. It is also exciting because the road to Himchari runs by the lovely green hills on one side and open blue sea on the other side. The scenery of the two side of the road pleased all. The amazing waterfall and Broken Hills of Himchari is a very rare scene to enjoy. It's a nice place for picnic and shooting. Here you can also see Himchari National Park, a beautiful tropical rain forest around the South Asia where you can enjoy wildlife. The Park is also attractive for the biologist.

The spot is ideal for picnic, shooting, relaxing and sunbathing. Here you get beautiful hilltop resort centre where you can stay for relaxing.

    • Location Cox’s Bazar,Chittagong
    • Climate In the winter season it dwindles but during the rainy season it becomes full waterfall.
    • How to get there

      From Cox’s bazar Kalatali stand, it is only 15-minute ride to reach Himchari,if you take a taxi or chander gari (one kind of Jeep). You can also rent a Rickshaw or Auto-rickshaw  from Cox’s Bazar to reach there.

    • Where to stay

      Though Himchari is a popular spot but there is no good accommodation for living. So visitors should get back to stay in Cox’s Bazar.

    • Entry Permits/Fees

      30 BDT.

      For reserve transport need to pay for parking.

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