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Kacha Golla of Natore

Kacha Golla of Natore is one kind of sweet. It is very famous all over the country for its taste. It is only made in the district of Natore. Kacha Golla is made of basically milk and sugar. The secret of this Kacha Golla is, little amount of sugar can ensure real taste of Natore's Kacha Golla. Sometimes people think that it would be a homogeneous sweet like Rasso Golla, but actually it is not like that. You can get it in any sweet shop of Natore. But now a days best quality Kacha Golla is available only at 'Darik Vandar'. Which is situated near 'Joi Kali Bari' mondir. Mouchak Mistanna Vandar which is situated at Alaipur of Natore town is another shop which produces good quality kacha Golla . If come at Natore don't miss to get the  taste of it.

    • Location Natore, Bangladesh
    • Famous for Kacha Golla ( SweetMeat )
    • How to get there

      You can go to Natore by direct bus from Dhaka city. From Natore bus stand you can hire a Rickshaw to reach Nimtola or Mouchak to have this famous Kacha Golla.

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