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Nafakhum Waterfall

Nafakhum waterfall is the biggest and most attractive waterfall in Bangladesh. It can be treated as “Niagara Falls” of Bangladesh. It is also an excellent place for trekking. Stone and stone all around the place. In this extreme destination tourists can take all kinds of experiences like journey on zigzag hilly roads, journey by boat in the river of Sangu with trekking. This destination gives the true view of hilly areas. In every step through the journey tourists can feel the essences of nature and life style of the Mountainous people.

    • Location Remakri, Thanchi, Bandarban
    • Climate Winter is the best session to visit Nafakhum.
    • How to get there

      First reach at Bandarban by Bus. There are several bus services available and fare range around 550-600 BDT and will take 8-10 hours.

      From Bandarban town you have to hire a 'Chander Gari' (One kind of Jeep ) to reach at 'Thanchi' upzila, cost will  3500 BDT. Thanchi is about 79 km away from Bandarban town.

      Then need to hire a boat to reach 'Thanchi Bazar' located opposite side of the river 'Sangu'. At 'Thanchi Bazar' need to get permission from BD BGB and also must to take lunch for rest of the journey.

      Then again start journey by boat. At evening will reach at 'Tindu Bazar'. One's need to stay overnight there.

      At morning you have to start journey to 'Remarki' and the way is more challanging and dangerous. It will take 2.30 hours to reach at 'Remarki'.

      Then need to start trekking by the side of 'Remarki Jhiri (Khal)'. Need to cross three hills too.

      After passing some distance there will be no way to pass the 'Jhiri' by walk then need to swim or manage a boat to cross it.

      After crossing the 'Jhiri', again need to walk about half an hour to reach the final destination 'Nafakhum' waterfall.

    • Where to stay

      If one can wish to stay at Thanci, can book Thanchi rest house and will cost 600 BDT for 7 people. At Remakri visitors can stay at local tribal houses and cost for each night will about 600 BDT for 10 people. There are also some 'Tribal' houses in Remakri to stay. The travelers should stay for the night at 'Remakri' and the tour guide will help to find a good place to stay.

      Local restaurants are available in Thanchi bazar. Travelers should take their lunch at Remakri. There are some restaurants at 'Remakri' and per person lunch cost around 150 BDT.

    • Accessories needs to have Make sure you have a good physical fitness. Take fresh drinking water, water purifier and dry foods. Must take extra socks. Take at least two sets of clothes and torchlight. Keep 'bandaid' and 'Odomos'(mosquito repellent cream) with yourself. Better to manage 4 feet long bamboo stick and good trekking boot which can grip maximum.

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