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To enjoy the zigzag hilly roads, tourists must visit the Nilachal, which is the nearest from the main town. From here visitors can view the whole Bandarban at a glance. It is near to Meghla and It’s about 2000 feet above the sea level. This place is also called the “Tiger Hill”. Clouds are catchable here in every early morning and at night.

    • Location Nilachal, Bandarban
    • Climate Any season is preferable.
    • How to get there

      Need to hire Auto rickshaw or ‘Chander’ gari from the town to reach. It will take half an hour to reach the point. During the journey traveller may need to get off from vehicle for the slope.

      Transport :

      Chander Gari : range : 800-1000 BDT (for 10-14 visitors)

      Auto Rickshaw or CNG : 500 BDT ( for 5 visitors)

    • Where to stay

      Cottage can be hired by per night base. It will charge 2000-2500 BDT.

Condition apply *

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