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Do anyone walk over the cloud? then must go to Nilgiri. One of the highest peaks in Bangladesh.

A spectacular heavenly place in Bandarban, managed by Army. Here tourist can get varieties of seasonal beauty. Can get cloudy experiances, campfire activities and see foggy gesture of nature. From here, nice and clear view over the tortuous Sangu River as far as visitors sight go.

    • Location Nilgiri, Bandarban
    • Climate Always cold and temperature is near about 10-25 degree Celsius. Rainy season for the cloudy experiences. Winter shows here it's foggy gesture.
    • How to get there

      It is about 65 km from Bandarban town and need to get the Thanchi bound busses or private vehicles like “Chander gari”.


      Transport :

      Bus : At 8.00 am, 10.30 am, 12.00 pm, 2.00 pm from Bandarban town. Fare (165-180 BDT)

      Chander Gari : 4300-4500 BDT (12-14 peoples)

    • Where to stay

      Can stay at night here amilitary run cottages. But need to reserve cottage(s) about 6 months before the journey start. Also have other three tents with 4 beds in each. There is also restaurant and helipad. Electricity available from 6-9 pm a

      Cottage : 4000-7000 BDT (4 beds in each cottage)

      Tent : 2000 BDT (4 beds in each tent)

    • Entry Permits/Fees

      Free to all

Condition apply *

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