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Behular Bashor ghor

This is one of the greatest archaeological place of Bogra. It is an excavated mound in the village of Gokul. On top of this 5 metre high podium you can see a square temple with a porch. Actually its a Buddhist temple, and it was built for the prayer. This medh fully covered green grass and it looks very beautiful. During the Summer season, nice view from the clouds of sky. Local people believe that this was the "bashor ghor" of Behula Lakkhindar. People come here to see architecture of ancient Bangladesh.

    • Location Gokul, Bogra
    • Climate Annual average temperature maximum 38° C and minimum 10° C; annual total rainfall 1610 mm.
    • How to get there

      Have to go Bogra first from Dhaka by road, and there are many bus services.

      From Bogra town can go to Mahasthangarh by rickshaw, auto-rickshaw or bus.

    • Where to stay

      Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation runs a very modern and luxurious Motel with restaurant in Bogra town.

      Can stay at Archeological department rest house.

      Can also find a number of private hotels and restaurant to stay and have food in Bogra city.

    • Entry Permits/Fees

      Free to all

Condition apply *

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